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[[California Highway Patrol|California Highway Patrol]]<br>
[[Highway Patrol (California)|Highway Patrol (California)]]<br>
[[Automobile (Mechanic's Lien)|Automobile (Mechanic's Lien)]]<br>
[[Automobile (Mechanic's Lien)|Automobile (Mechanic's Lien)]]<br>

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Vehicles may be towed and placed into storage for various reasons, some of which may include obstruction of traffic, abandonment, or if the driver is arrested for drunken driving, etc.

Consumers should contact the California Highway Patrol (county jurisdiction) or the City Police (city jurisdiction) to inquire about retrieving a vehicle.

A repair shop can place a mechanic's lien on a vehicle if it has been repaired, but the consumer refuses to pay the bill.

Highway Patrol (California)
Automobile (Mechanic's Lien)

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