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<p>[[File:Whitebox.jpg|814-Other Federal Agencies|link=_Hint]]</p>
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'''See Also:'''<br>
<p>[[file:green_arrow.jpg|link=|Consumer Resource & Referral Guide]]
<p>[[file:green_arrow.jpg|link=|Consumer Resource & Referral Guide]]

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814-Other Federal Agencies


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The Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Patrol regulates personal and commercial importation into the US

US Customs and Border Patrol
555 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 782-9210

Directory of Ports Of Entry provides general information about importing:

Contact the Federal Inforamation Center (FIC), Customs Service, for Resident Agent in Charge.
(800) 333-4636

US Customs Service's Fraud Hotline
(800) 487-3253

To report drug smuggling and suspicious activity:
US Immigration and Customs Enforcement 24 Hour Hotline
(866) 347-2423

"Importing Into the United States" (handbook):

This handbook will assist anyone interested in importing goods into the U.S. It addresses questions people frequently ask about importing and describes the procedures required to be an importer. The handbook may be ordered, for a fee, by contacting the following office:

United States Government Book Store
(866) 512-1800

Consumer Resource & Referral Guide Consumer Resource & Referral Guide
Directory of State Agencies Directory of State Agencies
Directory of Federal Agencies Directory of Federal Agencies
Return to DCA Home Page Return to DCA Home Page

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