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The California Department of Housing and Community Development develops and implements California's housing policies. The department guides, encourages and, where appropriate, directs the public and private sectors to cooperate and participate in providing a decent home and suitable living environment for every Californian. The department assesses the state's housing needs and assists communities to plan for and meet these needs.

Complaint Jurisdiction:

Enforcing health and safety codes ; developing building and housing standards; enforcing manufactured housing and mobile home laws and regulations; providing financial and technical assistance to low income mobile home park residents and mobile home park resident purchase or park conversion; repairing or replacing properties damaged by natural disaster; providing technical assistance and information about laws and regulations governing housing and community development; providing funding to local government and private for-profit and nonprofit agencies for: Housing for low income, disabled, or elderly persons; subsidized housing in urban or rural areas; independent living skills training programs for people with developmental, mental, or physical disabilities.

Complaints Outside Jurisdiction:

Local building inspection; complaints that individual homeowners or renters have with local housing authorities, redevelopment agencies, or city and county permits.

Department of Housing and Community Development
1800 3rd Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 445-4775 (general information)

Develops and enforces building and housing standards, including the State Housing Law, the factory Built Housing Law, the Employee Housing Act (farm labor housing), the Manufactured Housing Act, and the Mobile Home Parks Act. Registers and titles mobile homes, manufactured homes, commercial coaches, truck campers, and floating homes in addition to licensing mobile home manufactured home, and commercial coach manufacturers, dealers, and salespersons.

Division of Codes and Standards
(916) 445-9471

Office of the Mobile home Ombudsman

This office was created to provide assistance to mobile home owners by serving as a clearinghouse for mobile home related complaints. The Ombudsman is not empowered to deal with rental agreements or lease or rent disputes, but can address concerns relative to: registration and titling, inspections, installations, warranties, sales, accessories and improvements, financing, and the Mobile home Residency Law. Regulates mobile home park management, sales, and salespeople. Has jurisdiction for landlord tenant issues relative to park residents, spaces for RVs and RV parks.

Handles complaints about mobile home sales, dealers, manufacturers and warranty problems, escrow, contracts, fraud and misrepresentation, health and safety. Individuals renting mobile homes should call here with complaints.

Department of Housing and Community Development
Office of the Mobile home Ombudsman
PO Box 31
Sacramento, CA 95812-0031
(916) 323-9801 (Mobile home Ombudsman)
(800) 952-5275 (complaints against dealers)
(800) 952-8356 (mobile home registration)

This division operates housing and community development programs that provide loans and grants to local jurisdictions and private for-profit and nonprofit organizations to increase the supply of affordable housing. The division also provides technical assistance to local governments and nonprofit organizations to increase the supply of affordable housing. Among its special functions are rehabilitation and housing assistance, farm worker and Indian housing services, and predevelopment housing assistance, housing construction financing, emergency shelter programs, rural development, and housing replacement services in highway corridors.

Division of Community Affairs
(916) 322-1560

This division identifies housing and community development needs and problems and develops recommendations to meet these needs. The division prepares legislatively mandated reports, including the California Statewide Housing Plan, and reviews and comments on statutory compliance of housing elements of local general plans.

Division of Housing Policy Development
(916) 323-3176

Publications available: None are offered by the Consumer Information Center.

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Other referrals: Building Inspector

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