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'''Consumer Council'''<br>
'''Consumer Council'''<br>
Asian House, 3rd Floor<br>  
'''Head of Administration Division Consumer Council'''<br>
1 Hennessy Road<br>  
22/F, K. Wah Centre<br>
Wan Chai<br>  
191, Java Road<br>
Hong Kong<br>  
North Point, Hong Kong<br>
c/o Complaints Officer<br>  
Dial:( 011 International Code)<br>
(852 Country Code ) Telephone 28563113<br>
(852) 285-63611 Fax:<br>
International phone # - 011-852-5-200511 and then the # button<br>

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Consumers may contact the following entity for information on products from Hong Kong:

Consumer Council
Head of Administration Division Consumer Council
22/F, K. Wah Centre
191, Java Road
North Point, Hong Kong

Dial:( 011 International Code)
(852 Country Code ) Telephone 28563113
(852) 285-63611 Fax:

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