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An individual is required to have a C-11 contractors license from the California Contractors State License Board to install an elevator. Before the actual installation, an "intent to install" letter must be submitted to the Department of Industrial Relations, Elevator, Ride and Tramway Uni (ERT). After the installation is completed, the ERT inspects the elevator. If the inspection is approved, this office issues a "permit to operate". The ERT is responsible for conducting inspections of elevators, portable or temporary amusement rides, permanent amusement rides, and aerial passenger tramways or ski lifts. The ERT Unit consists of several offices, which carry out the unit's responsibilities.

The Department of Industrial Relations Division of Occupational Safety and Health (CALOSHA), is responsible for safety inspections for elevators, portable and permanent amusement rides, and ski lifts. Will take complaints about safety issues for the items listed above.

Elevator, Ride & Tramway Unit Headquarters
2000 E. McFadden Avenue, Suite 210
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 567-7211
(714) 558-6754 Fax

Department Publications: None are offered by the Consumer Information Center

See Also: California Labor Code §§ 7200-7205 and 7300-7322, California Code of Regulations §§ 3001(a)(1), and 3001(a)(4) Inent to Install

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