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In the case of a complaint or problem with a credit card, a consumer should ordinarily contact the customer services office of the corporation that issued the card before taking other action. If the problem involves an act or omission of a retailer that was paid by using a credit card, the consumer should first try to resolve the problem by contacting the merchant. A consumer may also contact a consumer protection or law enforcement agency in the area or state where the corporation issued the credit card.<p>
<p>The Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, establishes procedures for resolving mistakes on credit billing and electronic fund transfer account statements, including:<p>

  • charges that the consumer has not made;
  • charges that are incorrectly identified or show wrong amount or date;
  • computation or similar errors;
  • failure to reflect payments or credits;
  • not mailing or delivering credit billing to your current address; and
charges for which the consumer requests an explanation or documentation, due to a possible error.
<p>The FCBA generally applies only to "open end" credit accounts-credit cards, revolving charge accounts, and overdraft checking accounts. It does not apply to loans or credit sales that are paid according to a fixed schedule until the entire amount is paid back, such as an automobile loan.<p>
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