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The Gaming Registration Program was created in 1984 by legislation sponsored by the [ California Department of Justice], Office of the Attorney General.

All card room owners, managers, and financial investors must register yearly with the Attorney General's office and submit personal and financial information and fingerprints. The program monitors these individuals for subsequent criminal behavior, possible association with organized crime, significant changes in financial status, and compliance with local city or county licensing requirements. Owners should contact their city and county for local requirements.

The [ California Department of Justice (DOJ), Division of Gambling Control] regulates and licenses card room owners and manufacturers, sellers and distributors of gambling equipment. Monitors gaming devices used by Indian tribes.

1435 River Park Drive, 2nd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95815-4509

Mailing Address:
PO BOX 168024
Sacramento, CA 95816-8024
(916) 263-3408

Local Police Departments regularly monitors card rooms for violations or problems.

Local City or County Planning Departments require filing for taxes and permits with city; card rooms must fulfill land use/zoning requirements of the Planning Department.

Local City or County Land Use and Zoning requires filing for taxes and permits; card rooms must fulfill land use/zoning requirements.

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