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California's Legislature established the Air Resources Board (ARB) in 1967 to attain and maintain healthy air quality, conduct research into the causes of and solutions to air pollution, and systematically attack the serious problem caused by motor vehicles, which are the major causes of air pollution in the State

The ARB:

1. Sets and enforces emission standards for motor vehicles, fuels and consumer products.

2. Sets health-based air quality standards.

3. Conducts research.

4. Monitors air quality.

5. Identifies and sets control measures for toxic air contaminants.

6. Provides compliance assistance for businesses.

7. Produces education and outreach programs and materials.

8. Oversees and assists local air quality districts which regulate most non-vehicular sources of air pollution.

Air Resources Board
PO Box 2815
1001 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95812
(916) 322-2990
(800) 242-4450
(916) 445-5025 (fax)

Contact the Compliance Complaint Unit for air quality problems, smoking vehicles, smog violations, and any air quality violation.

Compliance Complaint Unit
(800) 952-5588

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