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The Department of Industrial Relations, California Occupational Safety and Health Division (CAL/OSHA), licenses and regulates inspectors of commercial propane use, high pressure boilers, any steam-generated machinery, compressors or receivers at gas stations, etc. Inspectors must take a national board exam and show proficiency in the operation of pressure vessels.

The CAL/OSHA Pressure Vessel Unit is responsible under Labor Code sections 7620, et seq., for the inspection of boilers (any fired or unfired pressure vessel used to generate steam pressure by the application of heat), and tanks (any fired or unfired pressure vessel used for the storage of air pressure or liquefied petroleum gases).

CAL/OSHA Headquarters
455 Golden Gate Avenue, 10th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 703-5070

Northern Office
Oakland PV Headquarters Office
1515 Clay Street,Suite 1032
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 622-3066
(510) 6222-3063 (FAX)

Southern Office
Santa Ana PV District Office
2000 E. McFadden Ave., Suite 215
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 567-7208
(714) 567-7297 (FAX)

Local County Weights and Measures, under the California Department of Food and Agriculture, can take inquiries/complaints on regulation of air compressors at filling stations that require the consumer to insert money into a machine for air, etc. </p>

Publications available: None are offered by the Consumer Information Center.

See also: "County Weights and Measures"

Other referrals: Labor Code 7620-7676, Chapter 3.2, California Occupational Safety and Health Regulations (CalOSHA); Subchapter 2, Regulations of the Division of Occupational Safety and Health.

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