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A lien sale is the legal process by which a repair shop's owner can become the legal owner of a customer's vehicle. The repair shop files a request for lien sale with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). DMV notifies the consumer, and a time is set for the sale. If the consumer does not protest, the vehicle can be sold for the amount of a repair bill, towing, and storage charges.

Prior to the sale of the vehicle, the repair shop must comply with stipulated regulations in the mechanic's lien. According to the B & P Code 9884.16, "No person shall have the benefit of any lien for labor or materials unless he is licensed by the Bureau of Automotive Repair".

DMV - Lien Sale Section
PO Box 932317, MS-D143
Sacramento, CA 94232-3170
(916) 657-7617
(916) 657-8763 Fax

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